The REAL Plot Holes of Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall

The sixth episode of the seventh Game of Throne season is officially the worst ever. A glaring plot hole completely tore me out of the suspension of disbelief.

47538945 - mummified corpse wrapped in a bandage worn down and rumpled.



Äh, wie bitte?

Gedanken zum #SnowdenMovie

Da hab ich mir also mal „Snowden“ von Oliver Stone angeguckt.


„Filme von Oliver Stone springen einem immer so ins Gesicht“, weiß ich noch, wie der Michael, einer meiner liebsten Freunde im Studium, mal zu mir sagte, Weiterlesen

Star Wars Spoilers

Flag_of_GermanyDiese Rezension auf Deutsch lesen


Went to the cinema yesterday for the first time in ages, and now I actually feel the need to blog about the new Star Wars.


The Bad

Too many Dimensions here, too few There

Now I’m not a Luddite who hates 3D movies on a principle of some kind. Weiterlesen