Star Trek Discovery: Soft Reboot jetzt auch im TV

Da hab ich mir also mal die ersten beiden Folgen der neuen Star-Trek-Serie angekuckt. Tl;dr: milde Enttäuschung – mit CGI angehübschter „Soft Reboot“, der bislang kaum Originelles bringt, aber dafür teils gedankenlos wieder in die gleichen Fallen tappt wie die ersten beiden Star Trek Soft Reboots im Kinofilm-Format. Weiterlesen


The REAL Plot Holes of Game of Thrones – Beyond the Wall

The sixth episode of the seventh Game of Throne season is officially the worst ever. A glaring plot hole completely tore me out of the suspension of disbelief.

47538945 - mummified corpse wrapped in a bandage worn down and rumpled.



or: On the Blessing that is Video Editing

Recently, I have often been on Youtube. One of the things I appreciate most about that platform is the fact you find instructions for basically anything and everything there.

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This is a translation of my earlier German blog post.

Swap out your car stereo? Knock up a nice little something out of wood? Make your own cool furniture? Give your workbench a truly flat surface? There is basically always somebody who has done it already while recording some video of themselves and passing on the experience won in the process. If not in whatever your first language may be, then in English. (I’m explicitly mentioning this because it still does not seem to be common knowledge by any stretch as you can easily see on Quora etc.)

However, another thing that truly does not seem to be common knowledge also is what a yuge blessing video editing is. Weiterlesen

President Obama said WHAT?!

No, he did not.


Chances are you got here because you clicked a link insinuating some quote that sounds rather outrageous to conservative ears came from former President Obama.

Which possibly got you quite upset.


Whatever that quote was, in fact, it did not come from Obama.

It came from the former TV show host turned Republican President of the USA.

If you don’t believe it, look it up. And please ask yourselves why you thin it’s OK Trump says such things when clearly, you wouldn’t if Obama had done so.

This blog was inspired by the latest New Rules segment on Real Time with Bill Maher, featuring Reggie Brown as Obama. Have a watch:

Rogue One: An Underwhelming Star Wars Story


So Rogue One is out, and despite the disappointing, unoriginal soft reboot that was TFA, I once again let myself be goaded into taking the 60 km trip to watch it, original English version, 3D.

Now I find myself having little to add to what RedletterMedia / Mister Plinkett already said about it, Weiterlesen

Eine #Nafri-Analogie

Da wurde heute ein provokanter kleiner Tweet in Sachen #Nafris und #Silvesternacht in meine Timeline gespült:

Da mein kleiner Antwort-Tweetstorm ein kleines Bisschen verunglückt ist, hier nochmal zusammengefasst und ein wenig erweitert: Weiterlesen

Äh, wie bitte?

Gedanken zum #SnowdenMovie

Da hab ich mir also mal „Snowden“ von Oliver Stone angeguckt.


„Filme von Oliver Stone springen einem immer so ins Gesicht“, weiß ich noch, wie der Michael, einer meiner liebsten Freunde im Studium, mal zu mir sagte, Weiterlesen